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Our Business Model

No Inventory, no Radio Taxi permits, just connecting the World’s travellers with the World’s drivers in a highly affordable fashion.
We operate on a fairly simple and effective business model. Our revenue comes from charging a small percentage of the cost of a ride from point A to point B to the travel expense, paid by the traveller when booking a trip.
We provide our application at no cost to registered users, with the belief that our business model should drive the most value to our members. We expect, in return, a viral member growth and continuous engagement, which will eventually strengthen our community and create a chain effect benefiting each Carsmartt member that opts to use our services.


Our products are sold exclusively online, where our users can book their preferred service through the CarSmartt App., currently available for download on iTunes and Google Play stores.


The users of Carsmartt can choose to travel or ship their packages through our app. Thanks to our app people will be able to deliver small, medium and large-size packages at a minimum cost and maximum safety.


Our business model, which has proven to be already successful in Europe and Asia, is based on sharing already existing resources on an open market. Our drivers are given the opportunity to travel both long and short distances receiving a compensation from their passengers.

Green economy

Through our organization, we are building together a greener economy. We aim at reducing the number of vehicles on the road through conscious consumption of resources that are already in our possession.

Our Values

Ridesharing is caring

Carsmartt connects the World’s travelers with the World’s drivers by using shared resources and becoming the leading aggregator in the medium-long distance route market.

Safety First

We verify all our registered users, drivers and passengers, in a thorough process that ensures the safety of both parties and integrity of our service.

Travel more for less

Our objective is connecting passengers with drivers whilst substantially reducing transportation costs with approximately 60%.

Fresh air for the environment

By sharing the resources we help all of our users to embrace a healthier and more sustainable way of travelling.